Get to know candidate Mindy Denninger

I have never considered myself to be a “political person.”

While I vote in all elections because I truly believe that every vote counts, I have never aligned myself with any one political party or candidate. I considered myself to be an informed independent, who voted for a person, not a party.

However, when my friend and Oxford neighbor for the last 18 years, Mindy Denninger, announced her candidacy for state representative of the 46th district in the Michigan House of Representatives, I knew that it was time for me to become politically active.

I immediately knew that Mindy would be my candidate and that I should do whatever I could to help her campaign.

It is with this motivation and commitment that I want to share some of the things that I respect and admire about Mindy Denninger.

Mindy is kind. She knows that caring about people is the foundation of service.

Mindy is present. She knows that showing up isn’t just half the battle, it is essential for success.

Mindy is respectful. She knows that agreeing with someone isn’t required in order to get along with them.

Mindy is thoughtful. She knows that considering alternatives is a critical part of decision making.

Mindy is curious. She knows that repeatedly asking “why” will reveal the root cause of a problem.

Mindy is analytical. She knows that facts, science and data are crucial ingredients to problem solving.

Mindy is creative. She knows that looking at things in different ways will lead to the best solutions.

I encourage the voters in the 46th district (Addison, Brandon, Orion, Oxford and most of Oakland Twp.) to get to know Mindy for yourselves.

Visit her website or find her on Facebook under Mindy Denninger for State Representative.

Heather Hillary

Oxford Twp.


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  1. I am excited to vote for Mindy!!! So thankful she is running. Looking forward to having an educated and locally-focused rep for us in the 46th.

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