Gender discrimination is a pervasive problem

Dear Lake Orion Review,
I am writing in hopes that your publication might address a pervasive problem that exists not only in our community but also worldwide: gender discrimination. As an eighth-grade student at Oakview Middle School in Lake Orion, Michigan, I have conducted research and compiled studies that shed light on this issue, which demands attention due to its disrespectful and unpleasant nature. Allow me to present several reasons why this problem needs to be discussed.
One aspect of gender discrimination is the varied treatment of men and women. Based on my research, women are often seen as kind and helpful when they demonstrate what needs to be done. However, when men show similar behaviors, it is considered weird and annoying. This double standard is concerning and should be recognized as wrong, rather than normalized.
Another argument I would like to put into this chat is that men are inherently disorganized and messy. I believe that every individual, regardless of gender, has their own way of maintaining organization, Furthermore, I have studied the issue of gender discrimination against black women, and it is evident that they face even more challenges in this regard. This is a major problem that demands immediate attention and resolution.
Moreover, individuals who dare to be different and identify as transgender often face ridicule and shame. Many people disapprove of these individuals because their identities do not match theirs. However, I firmly believe that this mindset needs to change, as it greatly affects the lives of people around the world. No one should be subjected to mockery or discrimination based on their appearance, voice, or gender identity.
Furthermore, both genders are disadvantaged when their rights to express themselves and protest for equality are undermined. The current state of inequality and discrimination is unacceptable, and we must strive for equal treatment and rights for all individuals, regardless of their gender.
In conclusion, it is imperative that we address and rectify the issue of gender discrimination. Every person, regardless of their gender, should be treated equally and with respect. Let us work together to create a society that values diversity and fosters equality for all.

Ricardo Huitron-Medina
Eighth-grade, Oakview Middle School

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  1. (my thoughts) Eight -grade ? Harvard next yr (24)??, makes me kind of wonder ??? run for President (if we still use one) ???? my-my- my

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