Fake Realities

When you are out in nature, you feel so close to God and so close to creation. One can even find beauty in man-made ponds and I certainly have enjoyed when they have water spew up in the air creating a fountain.

This year in early spring, I noted on my travels that one such pond now had two beautiful swans. Driving past a couple times a week, I would do my best to get a quick peak to enjoy the scenery as I buzzed by.

With each pass by the fountains, the swans remained faithful fixtures and there was a sense of peace in the scenery.

A few times I found myself marveling at how the swans added to the beauty and were always visible.

One day while driving past, I could tell one of the swans was not well. Paying attention to the road only gave me a quick peek, but I could tell something was definitely wrong.

Fortunately, on my way back, and with no cars behind me, I could slow down to take a better look at the ill swan.

To my amazement I found the swan was not ill. The beautiful swans I had been viewing all summer were actually decoys and fake.

It was funny, but now I had work to do.

Somewhere in my life something else was not real! I had to place this thought into my consciousness and open myself up to what the lesson was.

When something odd pops into our life and changes our life, our beliefs or gives us another reality, there is a spiritual lesson to be had.

A lesson means you have been given the opportunity to grow more spiritually. As you ponder what your lesson is, be aware your first thought, or the obvious thought, may not be correct. Do your best to not be quick to judge.

Instead be open to taking a little time to think, pray or meditate on a few different possibilities. In the case of the swans, was I too busy to notice what was real? Were there False God’s or False Beliefs happening in my life?

When you find it you will know because you will feel an internal vibration. Should you find that nothing comes to your mind, perhaps you are simply doing work for the greater consciousness of all. We do this at Unity of Lake Orion when we hold others in prayer or pray for a situation in another part of the world.

One of the Ten Commandments states: “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”(Exodus 20:16).

Neighbor means all people/things and for me — it includes the swan decoys which are most likely strategically placed there to keep the geese away.

As I hold in prayer, and or meditation, the ideal of all that is fake or not real in my life I will not have to know the exact lesson being learned. All I have to do is make an awareness of it being put in the special place of prayer and thought, then know it is being cleaned up by putting my attention on it.

At the same time I remember to express my gratitude for where my lesson began with the peace found by driving past the ponds. I affirm the water as clean and clear, the fountains spraying and expressing as a beautiful fountain and the swan decoys fulfilling their mission to the delight of the homeowners.

Ready? Join me!

God, Creator of all that is somewhere in my life, there is a call to place my attention on that which is a false belief, fake or simply not real. I forgive myself for not being aware of this in the past, and see myself growing spiritually from my new awareness.

As all old not true patterns leave my awareness, I see them replaced with truth and I see myself happy with my new way of being. I bless all that is in my life, even the untruths, for they are a reminder of choosing a better way, a new direction or accepting something different from my perception of what is true.

I see all water ways clean and clear and see the natural habitat of wildlife to be exactly what is needed for each body of water.

I am grateful for all the beauty my eyes behold as I run my errands each day and also for the peace that renews my mind and body and leaves me energetic and filled with joy!

Seeing this as so, Amen.


Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion

See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website, aspiritualwalk.com.