Dogs, cats, deers and grandkids, oh my!

Often just looking out a window is the most rewarding, comforting and entertaining experience of a day.
Like one beautiful, recent day, I looked out to see a young, just-out-of-spots deer standing rigid staring at something.
Several yards in front of the deer was a black and white cat, sitting, staring back at the deer. Then the deer switched its head toward my house. I looked out to see Shayna standing on the patio, also staring alternately at the deer and cat.
The deer would stomp a foot trying to stir some movement, but the feline and dog remained rigid. This went on quite a few minutes before the deer turned and walked into the swamp.
It left me grinning warmly.
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Grandkid story. Daughter Susan took twins Haley and Trevor, 6, for a neighborhood walk. They came upon a grapevine. Trevor wanted a taste. Mother picked a bunch, took them home and gave Trevor his pick.
Biting into the grape, Trevor said, ‘Um, this is good.? That prompted father Tim to ask if he could try one. Tim bit into the grape and responded, ‘These are terrible!?
Trevor smiled and said: ‘Gotcha!?
Trevor came home from school one day and complained to his mother a little girl stuck her tongue out at him. He said he did nothing to deserve such treatment.
I suggest he not worry about such things until big girls stick their tongue out at him.
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Forever Hazel had a tin box for 4 x 6 recipe cards. I’ve opened it at times and noticed it was filled with paper clippings.
Recently, brother-in-law Ron asked for a copy of Hazel’s V-8 recipe. He just knew she had one. Ever the one to try to please, I set aside an entire evening to search for that recipe in that box.
There were hand written recipes, newspaper clippings, brand recipes and insert recipes, many with the giver’s name attached.
Shortly into the looking, I realized the alphabet cards in the box had never been used, also I decided to categorize them. You, know, salads, meats, soups, etc.
The task was almost too much, but I finished. There were 296 recipes in that box, some two inches square, some quite large and folded.
Nowhere was there one for V-8. Salad and cake recipes took the most room, followed by soups and casseroles.
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Some weeks ago I wrote about cougar spottings in Alcona County and in Warren. Some cougar tales Not tails) relate to a couple years ago. The Warren spotting was maybe two months ago.
In all the cases, the Department Natural Resources denied the existence of cougars in Michigan, but would ‘investigate.? The DNR also says if you shoot one of these nonexisting Michigan cougars there is a fine. For some reason, I really have trouble with that penalty.
Over this same period, the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy concluded there are cougars in Michigan.
On August 30, this Conservancy reported a cougar killed a horse in Jackson County. They proved it with the bite on the Arabian’s neck, droppings, footprints and an actual sighting.
The DNR continues to investigate.
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When you read of some land conservancy outfit is pushing for dollars to buy land for ‘open space and green? please remember what else is green.
Making land open (conserving) may take ‘the green? from your wallet two ways. First you pay to buy the acreage, then when the land is taken off the tax roll – well, I hope you get the idea.
Also, in the end, money rules. Courts usually side with the developers, witness the recent Supreme Court ruling that lets municipalities take your property for development.

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