Do you know who you are?

Remember being a young child and all we wanted to do was be a grown up? And, now as adults we sometimes wish we could be a kid again. No responsibilities, no bills, no worries – so good!

As children we watch the adults in our lives. We learn from all the people we come in contact with; family members, neighbors, our friend’s parents and also from adults we watch on television. What we see and hear molds and shapes our lives.

When it comes to our peer groups, we sometimes change our actions and personalities so we are liked. At some point in life it becomes important to fit in with others.

Not wanting to be teased or embarrassed, we make the decision to turn away from who we really are. Being popular and liked becomes more important than being our true self, the one God created.

Even as adults, we continue watching the world outside of us, always checking to see how we fit in.

It takes a conscious effort from us to remind us who we are. When we become more focused on the reactions from outside of us, we are said to be, of the world, not just in it. Being of the world means we are no longer who we came here to be. We have changed our original plan for this lifetime.

Now, I know, life comes with no instruction booklet; but we can and do feel our errors and know when we are not being true to ourselves. As we say or do something and feel even the smallest, hesitant, thought within us that it is not right to say or do, we have a choice. When we choose what doesn’t feel right we are stepping out of alignment with who our true self is.

The choice is always ours, but peace and happiness becomes farther away in our lives if we step away from our true self.

If you are thinking, “guilty!”, no worries, it’s never too late to change your mind and your life! Our life’s journey will always get us to the same endpoint. Our choices just might get us there with a few more twists and turns or extra hills to climb.

But, truly, if you’ve stepped away from your original plan, it still lies within you, right where you left it. All you have to do is remember who you are and desire to get back on your divine path.

Each of us are “A Child of God” — as such, we are a gift to the world. We are made in the image of God therefore, we are of God. We are a living representative of God’s energy.

Take a moment to think on that thought.

Are you ready to know your life has meaning and purpose? Do you know your life is important in this world?

Take a few minutes and sit intentionally in the silence, consciously bringing your awareness to the Child of God within you. Let no thoughts get in your way of seeing yourself as a chosen one; a chosen child with a purpose in this life.

Meditate and think how during your lifetime little pieces of your true self have been shown to you and others. With your internal vision, watch for faces of those who have smiled at you, thanked you for being there for them.

Allow yourself to feel and know your positive points. Tell yourself you want to be living the plan set for your life and you are open to guidance softly placing you on your divine path. Agree to easily accept and choose doing the right thing and be caring, kind and supportive to others.

These simple tasks can go a long way to increasing your personal value and the way you see yourself. Pay attention to what does not feel right and make a commitment to not give those things any energy.

Instead develop your feelings of what does feel right and get yourself back on the path to your true self. Happiness, peace and so much more good awaits your actions.

My blessing for you: May each word another gives you be encouraging to your spirit. May your divine plan reveal itself through the words and actions of others. And, may your internal vision see your own goodness and always remind you who you really are.

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix

Linda La Croix is Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Find positive and uplifting posts on her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk


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