Dear residents and visitors using Baldwin Road,

Since Baldwin Road has now received more road improvements in the form of roundabouts, I feel it is necessary to provide some instruction on how to use them properly.

It seems the one at Baldwin and Indianwood roads has been understood, but the ones at Baldwin and Judah and Gregory roads have not received the same understanding.

Before I, or anyone else, becomes subject to vehicle damage or bodily injury I would like to review the basic use instructions:

1) Speed limit in the roundabout (that circular pavement that connects the intersecting roads) is 20 miles per hour. (Not the 40-45 mph speed currently in vogue.)

2) You are to Yield to traffic already in the circular connecting road. (Not try to outrun or run over them.)

3) The roundabout is not a hiccup in your path to continuing in your desired direction. Nor is it a practice road for a stock car race.

4) And, when the weather becomes more pleasant you will be required to yield to pedestrians. Not be offended by their presence, or worse, try to outrun them as you have currently been doing with vehicles.

Information for proper use is also prominently displayed at each roundabout in the form of street signs if anyone cares to use their vision when driving through the roundabout. There are postings for both the Yield and the 20 mph speed limit.

I hope that you use and share these instructions and notes on the use of roundabouts as they will only be increasing in number when the weather warms. For further, and more in depth instruction, the MDOT website has an excellent informational page on what is a roundabout and how to use them at,4616,7-151-9615_53039—,00.html.


Brenda Waldroop

Orion Township concerned citizen


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