DDA is a special interest organization

Well let’s admit it the Lake Orion DDA is a special interest organization authorized by the village council, but organizationally they report to the village manager.
After two weeks of guest columns, the DDA executive director has made significant points, pointing out all of the things they have accomplished.
Please note the area of benefit is approximately eight blocks of the central downtown district. What have they done for the M-24 corridor? Yes they did donate to the parks which all the village and others outside the village enjoy. The incremental 75 percent given back to the village for infrastructure must be spent in the DDA district by law.
Now we should ask what has the DDA done for the rest of the village with streets named (Central, Peninsula, Park, Barron, Long point, Detroit, Highland, Belleview, Crescent, Lakeview, Brittain, Park Island, North Shore, Axford, Lake, Andrews, Hauxwell, Newton, Elizabeth, and parts of Church, Jackson, Shadbolt and Flint). By law they can’t do anything.
The major asset of the village is the LAKE!
Moceri didn’t buy property on Atwater or N. Broadway streets for his development, he bought waterfront property. That’s what gives his development legs and valuable potential.
Developers, not on the lake, look for abatements and are offering what I believe is subsidized housing.

Harry Stephen
Lake Orion

3 responses to “DDA is a special interest organization”

  1. (my thoughts) Where in the cat hair do you get 8blks in the DOWN BUSINESS AREA?? has ANYONE counted the BUSINESS in the 4sq blocks of DOWN TOWN ??? = !/2 blk parking, 1or 2 bathtub bar and restaurants, 1 ice cream parlor, 1 tato shop, 1 baseball card swap shop, 1 office supply shop, couple of pizza shops and not a hole lot more that warrants 94k tax $ per year. Show the resident of the Village some receipts for that kind of money and projects spent, or is the GOOD OL BOYS club in control with help outside the Village????? What area of the Village is considered (down town) proper???

  2. (My thoughts,) @HARRY have you noticed that the properties SOUTH of SMITH CT(west side M-24 and are lake side +/- are becoming VACANT?) next, the LOG CABINS, then lake side of HEIGHTS ST to SNUG ARBOR, this is WHAT was supposed to happened about 10ys ago +/- BEFORE the PISTONS moved back to DETROIT, BIG MONEY lost their butt on that one, now the same thing is on the road again. next. the pvt.( residents behind Wendy’s, the gas station??) northward ON THE LAKE to (can’t forget the boat launch) PELTION’S POINT and then across the dam to Flint and M-24 to lake st. and ANDERSON’S POINT (not known to B-M or the DDA.?)only to Orionits) newbe’s don’t know where they are at any ways. The DDA. AND B-M doesn’t give a RAT’S REAR about the people (out side the DT AREA) of the VILLAGE) they are on the trail of B-M like a coon dog on the cent = BIG MONEY$$$$$

  3. (my thought) Me thinks SOMEBODY did a LARGE ROAD KILL and it been laying in the sun way,way,way to long and is starting to STINK. Follow the STINK and low and behold what is causing the STINK, looks to be part of G.O.B.C.

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