Cookies with Cops is a great way to spend a Saturday

What’s better than cookies and milk? Cookies and milk with cops…and canines.

The Orion Twp. Public Library hosted Cookies with Cops on Saturday in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. About 80 people attended the event, part of the library’s youth services community outreach, said Youth Services Librarian Emily Ellison.

Deputy Steve Meech from the OCSO Orion Twp. Substation and Lt. Harold Rossman from the Lake Orion Police Department talked to kids about what law enforcement officers do to protect the public, stranger danger and why police officers sometimes go into schools.

While all the kids (and parents) liked hearing the deputies and police officers, the dogs stole the show.

Sheriff’s Office K-9 Deputy Robert Loken brought in his two patrol canines – Lex, specializing in explosive detection, and Sturk, specializing in accelerant detection. Loken, a canine handler/trainer for more than 13 years, set up bags around the stage for the canines to display their talents for sniffing out contraband.

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Please see the Jan. 23 issue of The Lake Orion Review for photos.

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