Compete in the Orion Snowcation Duct Tape Sled Challenge

Orion Twp. is continuing with its 12 weeks of Snowcation with the Duct Tape Sled Challenge during week 4, beginning on Jan. 4.

Once a sled is complete, submit pictures to for judging. Judging will take place the week of Jan. 4. Prizes will be awarded to the sled that is the most creative.

Make sure to save the sleds — once there is a good snowfall sledders will head out to Jesse Decker Park to see the sleds in action. Prizes will be awarded for speed and distance.

Participants should make sure to register so they are kept up-to-date on when the race will be held. Please have pictures submitted by Jan.10.

Design Guidelines:

1. Only regular corrugated cardboard, duct tape and paint, markers, crayons and environmentally friendly paints can be used in construction of the cardboard sleds.

2. Sleds cannot be wrapped in plastic or shrink wrapped.

3. No wood, glue, industrial adhesives, staples, rope or wire will be permitted on the sled. Rope can only be used as a handle for riders to hold during the ride.

4. Keep the design family friendly. No profanity or inappropriate designs allowed.

5. Be as creative as you want! The first part of this challenge is a creativity challenge.

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