Bresett appointed school board president

LOCS Board of Education reorganizational meeting, gives committee assignments

By Megan Kelley
Staff Writer
LAKE ORION — At its meeting on Jan. 10, the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education held its annual organizational meeting where the board selected new officers for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.
The board voted to appoint Danielle Bresett to the position of president and Heather Sinawi to the position of vice president. Additionally, Jake Singer kept his position as treasurer and Susan Flaherty kept her position as secretary.
Scott Taylor, Birgit McQuiston and Steve Drakos will continue to serve as trustees. All appointments were approved by votes of 5-0. Singer and Drakos were absent from the meeting.
Committee assignments for 2024 are:
Finance committee: Singer, McQuiston and Flaherty.
Policy committee: Sinawi, Taylor and Flaherty.
Superintendent evaluation committee: Bresett, McQuiston and Singer.
Lamp of Learning committee: Taylor, Flaherty and Drakos with Sinawi as an alternate.
Curriculum committee: Bresett, McQuiston and Singer.
Board Self-Assessment committee: Bresett, Sinawi and Drakos with Taylor as an alternate.
During her closing comments of the meeting, Bresett, who served as vice president last year, voiced her excitement to take over the role of president and thanked McQuiston for her mentorship over the years. McQuiston served as board president for several years with a break in between where she served as vice president.
“I do want to thank Birgit for, of course, all your mentorship since not only this past year but being on the board in general. It’s really been appreciated and I really thank you for that,” Bresett said.

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