Bond Breakdown: Lake Orion H.S.

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

Lake Orion High School is arguably the crowned jewel of LOCS. This is adequately mirrored in the bond proposal.

Upon passage of the bond, the high school alone would receive $16,402,916, more than ten percent, of the total $160 million proposed in the bond.

While the bond plans do include some heavy demolition or renovation to the high school, they are fewer when compared to some of the other building plans (i.e. Blanche Sims, Webber and CERC).

In the full bond, facility improvements are broken up into six categories: safety and security, operational efficiency, community pride, extended useful life, 21st century learning environment and improved learning opportunities.

Safety and Security upgrades at LOHS will cost a total of $1,642,500. This will include securing the school’s entry, new classroom door hardware, site traffic improvements and a lockdown system/doors.

Operational Efficiency lists only lighting improvements, such as switching to LED lights and adding lighting controls, totaling $320,000.

Community Pride lists only one thing, a digital sign for $75,000.

Extended Useful Life totals $3,814,052 and contains plans for a roofing replacement, concrete improvements and mechanical hardware replacements.

21st Century Learning Environment will include flexible and collaborative furniture for classrooms and the media center as well as STEM space. These combined will total $3.13 million.

Improved Learning Opportunities includes a new auxiliary gym (there was talk about combining this space with STEM space and making it a “multipurpose room”), ADA upgrades and football field additions totaling $4,420,750.

Total breakdown of LOHS cost improvements:

New Construction: $4,874,250

Remodeling: $5,783,052

Construction Contingencies: $1,124,984

Loose Furnishing/Equipment: $1.6 million

Site Work: $1.145 million

Architectural Fees and Costs: $1,116,266

Construction Management Fees and Costs: $759,364


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