Bond Breakdown: From early childhood to Moose Tree and everything in-between

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

Lake Orion Community Schools prides itself in its learning opportunities throughout the district. However, with the amount of programs offered, many of these opportunities are outsourced outside of the typical school buildings.

The Lake Orion Board of Education has proposed a $160 million bond to the ballot Nov. 6. The board has consistently stated that upon its passage the millage rate would stay at 7.491 mils and protect programs throughout the district.

Buildings like the Community Education Resource Center (CERC) are a hub for community programs.

While the bond does detail improvements that would be made, it also includes plans to demolish a portion of the building.

The total amount of money budgeted in the bond for the CERC building is $38 million. This is more money than is budgeted for any other building in the district.

However, the CERC is also where the district houses a majority of their instructional technology. Because of this, $30,540,371 of the total is budgeted for specifically just “instructional technology.” The full bond proposal does not go into any specifics about what would be a part of this “instructional technology.”

The rest of the money would go to demolishing part of the building, a roof replacement, some ADA upgrades, new lighting and site traffic improvements.

Another large chunk of money from the bond would be used to create a new Early Childhood Center.

The plans for a 56,500 square foot facility on the corner of Joslyn and Clarkston just north of Orion Oaks Elementary school would cost the district $17,941,527 of the $160 million.

This would be a brand new facility therefore all of the almost $18 million would go toward constructing and equipping the building. This would include playgrounds, building utilities, parking etc.

This facility would also include new entrances off of Clarkston road.

The Pine Tree Center will get some money to add security to the building much like that of the other schools in the district as well as new lighting for $23,000 and a $75,000 greenhouse. The total for the Pine Tree Center would be $576,113.

The Moose Tree Nature Preserve and the Administration building each will receive $12,134 for new interior lighting.

Total for each building:

CERC: $38,042,620

Early Childhood Center: $17,941,527

Pine Tree Center: $576,113

Moose Tree Nature Preserve: $12,134

Administration: $12,134


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