Graham Bodwell: Adventurer, risk-taker, gentleman

I’m in a situation of wanting to write a story, yet not wanting to. I’m told there will be no obituary for Graham Bodwell, probably because of his wishes. That in and of itself tells you a lot about this man. Graham owned the Minneapolis-Moline farm machinery dealership at 21 S. Washington Street in Oxford […]

There are some joys that are indescribable

For over two weeks I’ve purposely been restricting my emotions as I fought for calm and searched for words to describe my complete delight at the gift that the UPS man hid under our patio chairs. Perhaps Shayna (my now-in-training dog) could have matched my joy except for the UPS man’s forethought. What brought this […]

%$#@& to the governor; ditto to the legislature

Now, I’ll tell you what I really think of the dynamic trio in Lansing . . . . . . A bunch of more fear-spreading, non-performing, unrepresenting group I haven’t seen. They came up with such great money-raising ideas, like taxing makers of bronze baby shoes. It was so good it lasted up until it […]

Space & animal savers & Pearl Harbor in ?63

If the Green-Peacers had their way there would be no industrial parks, subdivisions or commercial developments. The world would be nothing but weeds, vines, trees, swamps and the nonhuman living things that enjoy that kind of life. Some of these people are pushing for taxes to buy land to stop over development of land, thus […]

No ego shortage in sports color commentators

Initially the networks probably thought a second person in the television booth at sports events would add insight to games. The number two person could enlighten newcomers to the fact pro basketball players wear those extremely long and loose shorts because most have ugly thighs. And football neophytes would learn that a halfback is really […]

A note to those who got stuck with three

I’m very reluctant to believe this, but it is true. One of our children has turned on me, and of course, it is the middle one. From the time that our now half-century-old daughter picked up the myth that the middle child is always the neglected one, the picked on, the ignored and the most […]

Just Jotting

During the televised funeral services for President Reagan last Wednesday night, a telemarketer called to tell me about a great carpet cleaning deal. What a country! Another dog lover sent this quote: ‘It’s impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more puppies.? The Detroit News headed many of its stories […]

I’ve had a camera in my colon! Have you?

The editor said I could write about this topic if I kept it light and educational. Okay. The topic is colonoscopy. It shouldn’t be boring, but it is, in a way. While waiting in the hospital to be prepped (get naked) for the grand search, they put you in the endoscopy room. Get it? ENDoscopy […]

‘Funds? aren’t hidden, but they aren’t obvious

‘Funds? aren’t hidden, but they aren’t obvious POLITICS Split that word in two and you get two 4-letter words. Neither of which stimulate the image of love, amour, baby, doll, mama or papa. This year those seeking to remain in office or newly seeking an elected position have managed to turn more of us off […]

Drawing conclusions after 3 months of Shayna

It’s been many years since we had a dog in the house. I’d forgotten some of dogs? habits, routines, dominances and passions. First a review: Shayna is a pre-owned, 15- month-old, neutered, Husky, Hound, Shepherd, etc. ? Dogs have to pass you in the doorway to make sure they get there first. ? Left alone […]