In this political season self-worth is too extreme

‘Tis the season of promises. ‘Tis also the time when those making their promises know memory of the public is short. The office seekers to the highest office in our land fill the airways and print media with cliches, phrases and hope-to-be-forgotten messages. And, it seems that when reminded of statements made in campaigns when […]

Politics are causing our dreams to fade

Court rulings, our governments actions and inactions and judicial interpretation are giving further cause to wonder if out grandchildrens? futures are at stake. Oh, sure, our predecessors had the same thoughts going through depressions, world wars and plague threats. But, at least they had a belief in out Constitution and a belief our Supreme Court […]

What’s Shayna thinking? Maybe this . . .

What’s Shayna thinking? Maybe this . . . My boss (joke) didn’t get his morning paper on Friday the 13th. He blamed me and told me so. There’s something wrong with that study in England that said I can remember 200 words. I distinctly remember a dog trainer telling my feeder I have a 15 […]

Saving things is a good habit if memory holds

I’m sure Webster would define thrift, cheap, saving, frugal and being economical each differently, but to me they are very similar. I’m not recommending everyone go through a depression like that of the 1930s, but it was necessary to put those adjectives into use. Hard times bring out the savings habit. Wasting food was not […]

Wearing neckties helps, open necks may hinder

Thirty years ago I headlined a column, ‘I like ties.? And continued, ‘I must own 130 ties. I fall in love with them.? This week I recounted my collection. I now have 292 neckties. It is an array that puts sunsets second, and excites my mind with remembrances. Neckties make great first impressions. They elevate […]

Some can’t take a rib, others take whole slab

Some can’t take a rib, others take whole slab This headline of August 8 captured my mind: ‘Event features high-flying swine,? with the even more capturing subhead: ‘Pig Gig in Bay City offers diving, racing, even barbecued pork.? Anything doing with pigs brings backs remembrances of youth and our father’s fascination with hogs, particularly extra […]

Random thoughts from a wandering mind

Primary elections put a lot of money into circulation, such as in newspaper ads, but they sure mess up the landscape. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but never have I seen so many ‘elect? and ‘re-elect? signs on lawns, dead-end roads and intersections as this year. My occasional friend John Patrell asked Bill Patterson, […]

If papers had clickers you’d click this column

If papers had clickers you’d click this column First, a little history about income taxes. (Don’t click yet. It’ll get better.) The first income taxes in the U.S. were imposed in 1861 and 1862 to pay for the Civil War. Rates were raised in 1872. Then, the courts got involved with direct taxes and apportionment. […]

Of grandson and dog; Trevor, Shayna, etc.

The Jottings that brings the most comments have to do with grandchildren and ma’dog. This week I hope to please both groups. I broke into a full-blown laugh when daughter Susan called to relate a Trevor ‘story.? She said, holding back a broad smile, ‘Trevor got kicked out of Bible School!? There was almost pride […]

Just Jotting

Under my government advertisements that promote ‘absorbency? would not be allowed to be aired. – – – 0 – – – It amazes me and disgusts me how often commercials are being played at the same time on all tv channels as I try to avoid them by switching from sports to drama to specials […]