Today I’m A Rambling Man!

Well, the rain in Michigan has temporarily stopped as we await the next opening of the clouds. As I sit here in our Lake Orion home, I have some rambling thoughts to share with you. Feeling sorry for all the graduates who have scheduled an outdoor party. Even with tents the constant rain has put […]

Hey, G.O.P leaders – Do Your Jobs!

TThat would be my advice to the conservative and G.O.P. leaders. The voters are fed up with your garbage. The Democrats are doing their jobs. I plan on voting a straight Democrat ticket in 2020 and taking them all out of office with one vote. That’s better than impeachment. That’s the smart way of doing […]

Who’s Watching?

Parenting is not always easy and that is true for caregiving as well. We are always watching for safety and protection. There are times we have to explain why something cannot be done so many times that our patience wears thin from the repetition. Always remember, though, between you and that thinness is your breath. […]

Blanche Sims Elementary students celebrate the end of the school year practicing circus acts with Cirque Amongus

Blanche Sims Elementary students celebrate the end of the school year practicing circus acts with Cirque Amongus

By Jim Newell Review Editor Ladies and gentlemen, step right up, don’t be shy. You will not believe your eyes as the Blanche Sims Elementary students dazzle and amaze you with their burgeoning circus talents. As the school year came to a close last week, Blanche Sims students celebrated with Cirque Amongus on Wednesday, learning […]

Lions Club Jubilee rolls into downtown Lake Orion on Thursday

Lions Club Jubilee rolls into downtown Lake Orion on Thursday

By Megan Kelley Review Writer Get ready for a weekend of summer fun in your very own Downtown Lake Orion. As the carnival rolls in, fireworks roll out, the beer tent pops up and everyone winds down. It’s the annual Jubilee, where both adults and little ones are sure to find fun and entertainment. Starting […]

Lions Club hosts 74th annual flare night on June 28

The Lake Orion Lions Cub is sponsoring the 74th Annual “Light up the Night” flare night on June 28. Local lake residents will light thousands of 30-minute red safety road flares around the shoreline of historic Lake Orion and surrounding lakes at 10 p.m. This longest annual unique event was started in 1945 as a […]

Orion Twp. Board of Trustees Synopsis of Regular Meeting June 17, 2019

CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF ORION BOARD OF TRUSTEES SYNOPSIS, REGULAR MEETING MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2019 ORION TOWNSHIP HALL 2525 JOSLYN ROAD, LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN 48360 Called meeting to order at 6:06 p.m. All Members present. Held Work Session to discuss Central Drive Road Project. Reconvened Regular Meeting at 7:00 p.m. Invocation by Pastor Rochelle Beckemeyer, Echo […]

Orion Twp. Elkhorn Lake Water Quality Control SAD #6

Charter Township of Orion Elkhorn Lake Water Quality Control SAD #6 Notice for Public Hearing on Cost Estimate Notice is Hereby Given: 1. That the Board of Trustees of the Charter Township of Orion has been requested by petition to begin the process to improve the quality of Elkhorn Lake by the eradication of algae […]

Lake Orion – Synopsis of Ordinance – Parking on Village Public Property and Street Ordinance

SYNOPSIS OF ORDINANCE ADOPTED ORDINANCE AMENDMENT NO 7.14 PARKING ON VILLAGE PUBLIC PROPERTY AND STREET ORDINANCE At its Regular Meeting of June 10, 2019, the Lake Orion Village Council accepted for second reading and adopted Ordinance No. 7.14 to amend the Village of Lake Orion Code of Ordinances, Title VII. Traffic Code, Chapter 71: Parking […]

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