Halloween without Sir Graves

There are many lads and lasses in these parts, who are old enough in years (yet young enough at heart) to remember this laugh, ‘Nee-aahahaahaaa!? Growing up in the Detroit television market during the 1970s, I was one of the legion of kids who saved Saturday afternoons for one show, and one show only — […]

Batting season leads to scholarship

Biff! Bam! Boom! ‘To the Batpole, Boy Wonder.? * * * Ah, it’s October. The colors, the (thanks to global warming) warm days and relatively cool nights, pumpkins all turn a young man’s attention to things warm and cuddly. And, if you’re Dave Kugler, that can only mean one thing, bats. Kugler, of Ortonville is […]

The Solitaire conspiracy theory

I recently rediscovered the ‘joys? of the card game Solitaire. I remember there to be a beauty in its simplicity. Solitaire is not loud. It is not flashy. Turn card over. Place card, move stack, red, black, red, black. King, queen, jack, et-al. Simple, beautiful. Ma and Pa Rush, like many parents I am sure, […]

‘Columnists Day?

Can you guess my first thought when I read the e-mail to yours truly that read in part: ‘I thought you might like to know that the governor of Michigan has proclaimed April 18, 2004, as National Columnists Day in the state of Michigan . . .? My thoughts went something like this . . […]

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