Maybe I’ll write a book

After roughly 1,000 installments into the hallowed halls of Don’trushmedom, 21 years worth of opinions and stories, I think it is time to hang up my humble scribe’s pen. At least for a while or until the spirit moves me again. To be sure, I am still working for this newspaper.
Oh, I may contribute a diatribe or two, here and there, but not on a regular basis. It is time for the younger reporter types working here to have a shot at column writing. My ego has been sufficiently stroked with both national and state awards over the years. And, while I’ve never been a great speller or grammarer (just ask my high school English teachers) I know I can write a column — so where’s the challenge in that? Maybe I’ll try to write a book — Don’t Rush Me, I’m Making Mistakes As Fast As I Can.
It is my hope, of course, this space will be filled with words which make readers feel. Today’s Americans are fast to express their opinion, disagree and be angry. Sometimes, I think, they are less likely to just feel and empathize with others. I think there is more passion and less compassion. So, that is why I hope the words which will replace mine, will help readers feel — feel happiness, sorrow, laughter and yes, even anger.
A good column should evoke a reader’s emotion. It should get them involved not only in the story being told, but in the newsprint they hold.
I have been fortunate to have written about a wide range of topics and interesting people. I’ve gotten on my soapbox and railed against injustice. I’ve told the stories of many a good people, who have since passed. I’ve looked in the mirror and made fun of my own silly fears and shortcomings — but my favorite columns are those that recaptured moments of my sons? lives. The foibles of fatherhood, the less-than-glamorous moments of watching Shamus and Sean grow from wordless babes, to smart and funny young men makes me smile and tugs at my heart still.
The thing is, now that they and their friends can read, I can’t write about them anymore. I don’t want to embarrass them anymore than just being who I am.
One of my goals as a columnist was also to add levity to our pages. As with society, I think too many times reporter-types and columnists take themselves too seriously and after a while, just grow preachy. Not that I didn’t preach — I did, on occasion — I just didn’t want to be thought of as ‘preachy.?
I hope I have succeeded in that endeavor. And, I sincerely hope I have made you feel, think and rethink. I hope I have shown you compassion as well as passion. It has been a privilege to have the space to opine, as I have done lo, these many years. I hope I have not let you down.
So, until we meet again, Adi’s my friends.
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