Carpenter’s library bestowed ‘Model 21st Century’ honor

By Jim Newell Review Staff Writer Card catalogs with index cards are part of a bygone era, and school libraries across the country have had to embrace new technologies to serve students in the digital age. For its efforts in incorporating technology and collaboration into its curriculum, Carpenter Elementary Library has been honored with the […]

A meaningful march: 22-mile march raises awareness for veterans’ suicide

A meaningful march: 22-mile march raises awareness for veterans’ suicide

By Jim Newell Review Staff Writer They carried on their backs rucksacks weighing between 25-40 pounds. They trudged through the heat, the humidity, the bursts of rain and sunshine, often smiling, often thinking they would not make it. Twenty-two miles: a symbolic number for the approximately 22 military veterans who commit suicide each day. Veterans, […]

Overdoses, fear of synthetic drugs rising

By Chris Hagan Review Staff Writer In the past two weeks, firefighters have responded to nearly a half-dozen overdoses, all from opioid drugs. Four of the most recent have involved both males and females, all of whom have been in their twenties. There have been 40 documented overdoses in the township in 2016. Lake Orion […]

LO grad stars in first professional performance

By Chris Hagan Review Staff Writer This Friday a new musical debuts at a Waterford performance theater, and one of Lake Orion’s own will be performing under the ranks as a professional. Owen Woityra, a 2016 Lake Orion graduate, has performed more than 30 times on stage, but for the first time he’ll be earning […]

Weeds taking over village

As I strolled through downtown Lake Orion Sunday evening, I began to see many areas that needed dire attention to the weed growth that took away from the Lake Orion village’s beautiful development and landscaping. Some weeds are two feet tall; with many buildings surrounded with unsightly weeds. Why can’t people in POWER take care […]

Democratic candidate expresses frustration with GOP politicians

I read in the Detroit Free Press last week the endorsements for the 46th district state representative position and, although how they mentioned me was quite normal (which I’ll get into later), what really shocked me was how they portrayed candidate John Reilly. First, they called him a Zealot and then proceeded to attach him […]

Too much garbage

It doesn’t matter if it’s the political signs that are a distraction and an eyesore – they should only be allowed at polling stations on election day – or the political garbage that comes in the mail from the GOP: No Thanks! If they did their jobs they wouldn’t have to self-promote themselves. I can […]

Volunteers still needed for Dragon on the Lake

Volunteers still needed for Dragon on the Lake

By Chris Hagan Review Staff Writer The Dragon on the Lake festival has turned into one of the flagship events not only for Lake Orion’s summertime calendar but for the entire county. The event, which centers its focus around the promotion and exposure of the arts, takes over the downtown area beginning Thursday, Aug. 25 […]