Annual DDA informational presentation delivered at council, DDA mtgs.

Priorities shift since the start of COVID-19

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Molly LaLone gave the annual DDA’s informational presentation to both the village council and DDA board on Monday and Tuesday of last week, respectively.

The presentation consisted of an overview of what the DDA has accomplished this year.

In January, the DDA held a meeting to decide what the board’s priorities would be for the upcoming 2020 year.

During that meeting, board members decided that the priorities, in order, would be:

1. Pedestrian safety and lighting

2. Parking and alternatives

3. Walkability

4. A farmers market

However, as COVID-19 hit and many businesses were forced to close, as well as residents ushered into lockdowns, the DDA board met again to re-think their list of priorities.

In May, the priorities list shifted from the previous list to focus on:

1. Events

2. Placemaking

3. Pedestrian safety and lighting

During this past year, the DDA has handled tree replacement; landscaping for the municipal parking lot on Slater Street; continued with their LOL marketing campaign; added social districts along with picnic tables and barriers to expand outdoor seating options for downtown restaurants; and added more bike lots.

Additionally, by the end of this year, the DDA is expected to have hosted 14 events.

The DDA has also facilitated many grant opportunities, including historic façade grants as well as business and small business grants.

Also during 2020, the DDA district has seen the opening of several new businesses: Anita’s Kitchen, Bitter Tom’s Distillery, Lo’s Beauty Bar + Med Spa, Vanity Vixen and Jodey Kerr Designs and Oat Soda.

To view the entire presentation, contact the DDA at 248-693-9742, or email


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