Accepting good when it shows up!

Every generation wants to see the next generation do good, right? They want to see their success so they watch, critique their actions and contemplate the changes in the next generation, always looking for the ways they fall short, or in ways in which they do good, are good and live good.
Who doesn’t want good to show up in their life?
For me I think positive thoughts even when I’m not feeling it. Not because I am wiser than my feelings, but because I know being sad, mad or frustrated isn’t going to bring me good. On an off day I must remind myself that, as a child of God, I have inherited His kingdom. That kingdom is filled with all that is good so I have to change my ways to inherit (accept) it!
But, what happens when you inherit it? When you receive something good? How do you respond? We have all given out gifts to someone who replies, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” Or, maybe asked someone what they want for a gift and they say, “Oh nothing, you don’t have to buy me anything.”
In living a spiritual life, we know that all of life is a lesson. We watch, we critique, we contemplate because we can learn from all that is happening around us. I had a lesson on what to do when you receive a gift of goodness just last week.
In my last article I wrote about The Divine Act of Creating, taking you through a time warp with Unity of Lake Orion and what denomination originally built our church and designed the landscape about 50 years ago. Now it’s time to change some of the tall overgrowth. So we have been connecting with Spirit for the right and perfect ideas for our space.
As I mentioned, due to the years of growth we are visualizing and focusing on the areas to start. I have many jobs, landscaping is not one. With that in mind I rely on visualizing with positive thoughts. Keeping genuine goodness in mind, we pray for the time which allows the right and perfect action to take place.
Recently, a friend called and asked permission to go to Unity of Lake Orion with his landscaping crew. They would clean up all the flower beds and trim all the shrubs around the church. Oh wow! That would be good! Someone was willing to share their good with us, what could be better than that?
It was good and I knew it, yet it was something my conscious mind struggled with. Living a spiritual life can be that way when you live in a super busy physical world. Still, I do know it’s all about balance and bringing the conscious mind into unity with what is happening.
My thoughts went to why do they want to volunteer to do this? Then I struggled with the idea that I would want to pay them something. At first I couldn’t say “yes.”
God is a creator of so much good. I do know that, but still, I live in the same physical world with you and we both know there are plenty of stressful things going on. I was in disbelief. Saying yes, sure, thank you for thinking of us and just accepting wasn’t in my thoughts. It was definitely a lesson for me to learn.
Since I look for the good, teach that good, why was I surprised to be given that good? Could I just accept and support the next generation who wanted to share their good?
Eventually, I said, “Yes!”
On Sunday our membership enjoyed seeing the beautifully trimmed shrubs and our weed-free flower gardens. We blessed Highland Horticultural Services of Auburn Hills for the good lesson and a blessing of sharing their talents with us.
Think about yourself: how are you at accepting good coming into your life? When gifts come to you do you say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have?”
Know that whatever you give out in life returns to you multiplied. Doing good brings more good. Learn from my lesson to accept gifts from those who are sharing their good. Allow others to be good and do good. When you open your heart and mind to the good others want to share, you open up where you have blocked God’s perfect flow of goodness returning back to you.
You are worthy of goodness in your life and removing stuck energy allows more good to come into your life. Be open to accepting it.
Luke 6:38 (ESV)- Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Sharing with you in good measure,
Linda La Croix
Unity of Lake Orion. Follow Linda on Facebook or at

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