A journey in trusting, faith, believing

Last week’s travels brought me through Pontiac, where being on WideTrack Drive makes me nervous. Not because I haven’t traveled that road before, I have, but I always become mixed up. Being from the Macomb County area I grew up driving on mile roads. Here in Oakland County it’s different. Plus, rarely having traveled in that area opens up a Pandora’s box of insecurities.

I know where Elizabeth Road is in Macomb County but wasn’t too sure where Elizabeth Lake Road was in Oakland County. A new or unfamiliar journey in life can create a mental opening for us to not believe in ourselves. Depending on how much is going on in our lives at the time, boy, the monkey mind can wind up with concerns and doubts. We often have to just make a plan and believe deep inside ourselves that we can do it!

Trust in yourself! When a little doubt pops in and asks are you really sure you can handle this, affirm with a big YES, and do it! When doubt appears in your mind, affirm again that you are always making the best decisions in life because it’s all you know how to do at that time. When you make your choices, have faith in your outcome. Practicing that way of thinking I decided it was best to challenge myself further by putting my trust in the rarely used Maps App on my phone.

Oh yes, from start to finish it was going to be a journey for me to practice trust, faith and to believe. Throughout my travels that day, my thinking mind was trying to prepare me for getting lost. There was a little doubt popping up that the App would have me arrive at an incorrect location like others have told me about. But I held my faith in it; it was interesting to hear the Maps App track my route. It told me many times, “stay in the right two lanes” or “make a right at the next traffic light.”

Staying focused on the directions when spoken to me and continued the mental game of believing. At times, it was difficult to release the doubting voice when it popped in. My internal tracker, my understanding, wanted to go a different way. A way I thought would be best especially when I passed a road sign which read the name of the road that was my destination! Yet, again, I trusted as I know many roads in Oakland County twist and turn.

Using positive thinking I affirmed the app would get me to my destination; I would arrive on time, I would trust, I would practice the words I teach, have faith and believe in something outside of myself that I couldn’t see.

Of course, the lady in the app talking to me was not the LORD, my God. But she did represent a test for me. Life is all about lessons. Would I trust that something greater than myself exists or choose my own understanding? As a spiritual student, I know having faith in the outcome of my positive thoughts and believing in the directions I take in life creates my outcome. Another tool used was manifestation; visually seeing myself arriving happy at my destination. My trip ended as a positive experience, on time, and in the correct place!

Because we are all a part of the Oneness that is God, you may be seeing the same theme in my story reflected to your own life as well. Your details may be different, but chances are life is giving you something to work on too! Check in with yourself, do you trust a power greater than yourself? Can you believe in the best coming into your life? Can you believe sometimes that which is not good in your life has a purpose? If you answered yes to any of those questions come and see us Sundays at 10AM.

Life is full of lessons and life is always creating for us to learn from. Remember to think good thoughts by putting good ideas into your mind and thinking positively. It’s true, the good in life doesn’t always show up easily, but believe it is always there. Have faith and trust even when you don’t see it. Every day of spiritual living has a story with the details waiting to be unfolded. Will you stand spiritually tall through the test to have trust, faith and to believe?

In closing, my prayer for all of you and your families is that you always find your way on the roads you travel. That in your heart and mind you trust, have faith, and believe that God is always active in you shining the light on what is good for you to arrive at your destination of good. – Believe!

Proverbs 3-5 reads – Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Many blessings on the roads you travel in life,

Linda La Croix

Linda La Croix is Prayer Chaplain & Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion.

Look for La Croix’s column, A Spiritual Walk, regularly in The Lake Orion Review, and”Like” her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, to find more positive thoughts.


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