Please support the NOTA millage renewal

Sometimes life gives you lemons when you’ve planned for lemonade. Disaster can happen to anyone. That’s why I’m asking you to vote “yes” on the senior and disabled transportation millage renewal in the Aug. 7 primary election. Living under dramatically reduced circumstances as a retiree is certainly not the life I envisioned for myself, but […]

Re: Planet Fitness coming to Lake Orion

Those of you individuals who have claimed Planet Fitness will not last, you are very uninformed. The other nearby gyms are too small or in the case of Great Lakes too expensive. I am sure not made of money and I believe the new fitness center will thrive. Sounds to me like the nay sayer’s […]

Vote no on Orion Twp. parks & rec. millage

The Parks & Recreation millage (one mill) on the Aug. 7 ballot is all about raising $1.7 million for each of the next five years from local property owners. But the township is already paying for the parks and recreation needs from the $7 million general budget. If the township needs additional amounts to support […]

Vote no on Orion Twp. parks millage

My reasons for not supporting the 1 mill millage for parks and recreation are: 1. If you combine all the state, county and township parks, safety paths and numerous trails in Orion Township there is no need to expand what we have on a grandiose scale. 2. The current .9064 millage for the township general […]

Re: LOCS begins to pare down proposed bond

It is never enough for the school board and I laugh when you discuss return on investment. Of course, Pine Tree is still standing, instead of selling the building and property to offset some cost. We kept the oldest school and now need to spend $14 million on it. Great return on that investment. — […]

Yes on NOTA millage! No to Parks & Rec. millage!

The parks and trails are good, but the priority should be fixing the roads. There are so many craters, you would think you were on the moon! That would be a smarter use of the taxpayers’ money, don’t you think? J.P. King Lake Orion Editor’s Note: A NOTA (North Oakland Transportation Authority) millage request and […]

Why is race a necessary descriptor in the Public Safety column?

In your Wednesday, July 4th edition, I noticed that you included their race as a descriptor for two black men from Flint who were the subjects of a report. (“Alert tellers detect fraud attempt,” July 4, 2018, Lake Orion Review, p. 6.) But none of the other six reports included the race of their subjects. […]

Phone Apps Are Sleuth Like!

If you have a Smart Phone, and most people do these days, you realize just how much our lives are controlled by that electronic item we travel with everywhere.  There are apps on our phones that allow us to “find our car”, or “find our keys” or “find our friends” or the best, “find my […]