‘You can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh’

Last week’s issue of The Lake Orion Review had a rambling treatise from local jokester J.P. King (I will not be silenced!, April 12, 2017) regarding a comment I made about using the “View Points” section of the newspaper for informative, entertaining letters and not for personal vendettas. It’s been said that laughter is the […]

Resident will not be silenced

I won’t be silenced by Mr. (Bill) Kalmar, President Trump or anyone else! I’m entitled to my opinion, just like Mr. Kalmar is, but I tell the truth. I won’t be stopped by anyone from expressing my views! For the record, the majority of voters are for gun control, clean air and water, workers’ rights, […]

Don’t Turn Off The Light!

There is a movement underway in Michigan to eliminate Daylight Saving Time (DST). One of the proponents concludes that moving the clocks ahead one hour in March has a detrimental impact on school children, on drivers, on workers, and society in general. Incidentally, there is some information that the day after the clocks are changed, […]

Hats off – plaudits – kudos!

As long time customers of DTE Energy we just wanted to compliment the DTE Energy team on how they handled the monumental crisis in Michigan. We did not lose power here in Lake Orion and our lights never flickered and thus we were the lucky ones. The way in which the DTE Energy team handled […]

Orion Firefighters Dance was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone in our community who helped to make our annual dinner-dance a huge success, especially the following: Platinum Sponsor: AKA Architects Gold Sponsors: Powers Distributing and Powers Leasing Bronze Sponsors: OHM, Orion Keg & Wine, Lake Orion Shell, and Ace Hardware Also thanks to our merchants who donated door prizes: Kruse & […]

Sending a Ripple

North Oakland Community Coalition encourages tolerance When people consider the aftermath of the recent Presidential election and the resulting bedlam that has ensued, many may be asking “What is missing in our society and how can we, as individuals, make a difference?” The answer, plain and simply, is acceptance. We live in a society of […]