Mindy Denninger, Elissa Slotkin have my vote

Last month I had the honor of meeting two candidates at the same event – Mindy Denninger, running for state representative in the 46th District, and Elissa Slotkin, running for U.S. representative in Michigan’s 8th District. Because this was a small gathering at a friend’s home, we were able to talk personally with the candidates […]

Vote no on the $160 million school bond

Tax Payers should vote “No” on the $160 million school bond for several reasons. First, the birth rate nationally and locally is dropping as evidenced by Lake Orion’s last year’s K-12 drop of 90 students. At about $8,393 each year from the state per student that’s a loss of almost three-quarters of a million dollars […]

Vote no Nov. 6 on the Lake Orion School Board blank check request

When you pay a bill by check, sound business practice requires filling in the amount payable. Right? It is not advised to give anyone a blank check lest bad things happen. However, Marion Ginopolis and the Lake Orion School Board seem to think asking the taxpayers to sign a blank check is reasonable. The language […]

My concerns on the LOCS bond proposal

For the past month-and-a-half, many have sparred with each other on this LOCS proposal; only addressing finances. This is absolutely understandable. However, it has come to my attention that no one has thought of the practicalities. Let’s take the biggest project on the list: reconstructing Blanche-Sims. I assume/suggest this project be done during summer break. […]

Bond proposal critical to schools, programs, property values

The Lake Orion Community Schools Bond Proposal is critical to all residents of the community. This Bond Proposal not only helps our schools, it helps the entire community and every property owner. If this bond fails, we will see a decline in our schools and our property values. It is a fact that higher functioning […]

We should vote NO on the proposed LOCS school bonds

I am both saddened and angered by the deceptive tactics the Lake Orion Schools administration and board have taken to sell their bond request. The bond issue is $160 million and, coupled with the associated bond interest ($80.3 million) and loan interest from the SLRF ($10.3 million), the total amount to be repaid is $ […]