Buyer beware: The Chips Ahoy! Conundrum

From time to time I think all of us have witnessed people in various grocery stores examining food for freshness. Evidently there is a way to determine the freshness of a watermelon or cantaloupe by tapping the item and listening for a hollow sound. Some say you want a hollow sound – others say that […]

Earth Day Success!

It was good to see so many people marching around the globe for our planet! “Stronger together” — that should be priority one. Without clean air and water we all perish. Our president just signed another executive order to pillage one of our great National Parks to allow drilling and mining. I urge you to […]

Resident is deeply concerned for the immediate financial future of the Lake Orion Village Citizens in the Middle Class

I am deeply concerned for the immediate financial future of the Lake Orion Village Citizens in the Middle Class, the Hard Working Lower Income Class Citizens plus the Veterans, Retirees and Handicapped Citizens who are on a fixed income. According to Semcog and the 2010 census 28.1% of our population is over 55 years old […]

Laughter is the best medicine

I liked Don Rickles, Mr. Kalmar, and you know what I like about you? Nothing. We have never met each other and I prefer to keep it that way. You could brighten up Lake Orion by leaving it. Sorry, did I say something to offend you? No need to thank me. The pleasure was mine. […]

Where’s the Orion Goats?

Darn! I was all primed and set to patrol my section of the Polly Ann Trail, near Round Lake, when I was told that the goats are in Oxford. What a bummer! — Daisy Dog Heslip Orion Twp. Editor’s Note: This is in reference to the article “Grazing the trail: goats munch along Polly Ann […]

This is a runner’s alert! Two 5k races coming up

Come this May in Lake Orion there are two classic runs that will appeal to runners of all age groups, pace and skill level. So mark your calendars, lace up your shoes and get ready for running on two of the most beautiful courses in the area. Saturday, May 20 is a great way to […]

A Sense of Home and History

Historic Paint Creek United Methodist Church is located at 4420 Collins Rd. between Rochester and Adams Road off Orion Road. I found Paint Creek Church almost five years ago. There was an “at home” relaxed feeling that only the small church of my childhood provided, and that goes back many years. My memories of church […]

‘You can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh’

Last week’s issue of The Lake Orion Review had a rambling treatise from local jokester J.P. King (I will not be silenced!, April 12, 2017) regarding a comment I made about using the “View Points” section of the newspaper for informative, entertaining letters and not for personal vendettas. It’s been said that laughter is the […]

Resident will not be silenced

I won’t be silenced by Mr. (Bill) Kalmar, President Trump or anyone else! I’m entitled to my opinion, just like Mr. Kalmar is, but I tell the truth. I won’t be stopped by anyone from expressing my views! For the record, the majority of voters are for gun control, clean air and water, workers’ rights, […]

Don’t Turn Off The Light!

There is a movement underway in Michigan to eliminate Daylight Saving Time (DST). One of the proponents concludes that moving the clocks ahead one hour in March has a detrimental impact on school children, on drivers, on workers, and society in general. Incidentally, there is some information that the day after the clocks are changed, […]