Please Vote YES on Nov. 6

There’s a lot of information out there about the Lake Orion Community Schools bond proposal. Some of the numbers are designed to make it seem as if we are headed towards some doomsday scenario, which simply is not true. Please seek out the facts instead of relying on sound bites or slogans. Much of the […]

What happened to Fun Time?

Regular readers of The Lake Orion Review and perhaps my column, know that I like to inject a bit of light heartedness and some humor in my columns.  It’s what I do and frankly as I look back on years of columns, there always seems to be some jocular (I like that word) comments in […]

Please vote ‘Yes’ on the LOCS bond

Five years ago my husband and I moved to Lake Orion mostly in part due to the incredible opportunities that Lake Orion affords its students. Those opportunities are in jeopardy and I would like to urge my fellow residents to vote “Yes” on Nov. 6 to ensure that our school district will remain competitive with […]

Please vote ‘Yes’ on the LOCS bond

As the mother of a first grader and a third grader enrolled in Lake Orion Schools, to say I have a vested interest is an understatement. My husband and I moved here 11 years ago largely based on the wonderful praise that Lake Orion Schools had always received. We knew we wanted to start a […]

Vote ‘No’ on the LOCS Bond

Let me assure Superintendent Marion Ginopolis that as a chemist and businessman, my mathematics skills are advanced and exceptional. She is entitled to have her opinion about the value of the Bond projects. Likewise, I am entitled to my opinion and it is that the $51.5 million planned for a new elementary school, tearing down […]

Vote for Mindy Denninger for state representative

I urge voters in the Michigan 46th House district to vote for Mindy Denninger. Mindy lives in Oxford and is an engineer. As an engineer she uses facts, science and data to develop solutions to problems. With all the issues that the State of Michigan will face in the near future, we need a representative […]

Resident opposes medical marijuana facility

What the hell is going on in Lake Orion? So, we now have a (marijuana) grow operation that’s going to start breaking ground in LO? The article says supported by Orion township’s and specifically (Orion Twp. Supervisor) Chris Barnett. What does this township stand for? I’ve been a resident for over 50 years and (my) […]

Vote ‘No’ on the new school board debt proposal

The Lake Orion school board has proposed adding $160,000,000 in new debt over the next ten years. Most residents received a slick flyer in the mail telling them this will not increase our tax rate, which is misleading at best. The flyer is designed to make us think we are getting something for nothing. No […]

The school bond debt is high & citizens will pay higher taxes over time

The school bond debt is high and citizens will pay higher taxes over time. I’ve considered this bond debt from many different perspectives: mother of LO students, previous business owner, LOHS graduate, property owner and community advocate. I’ve asked many questions about this bond proposal so that I was able to understand the language. It […]