Why is the Orion Township Board of Trustees wasting Orion tax money on a fire chief search?

In the Oct. 18, 2017, issue of The Lake Orion Review, on page 3, there was an article saying, “Orion Twp. to conduct formal search for new fire chief.”

This search will cost the township up to $16,000 for this search for a new fire chief.

Why do our Orion Township Trustees need to go searching outside of Orion to find a replacement for a new fire chief? We already have some fine men and women who are qualified to be our next Orion fire chief.

I know several firemen, who were born and raised in Orion, that have been on the fire department for years, that are qualified.

Does the Township Trustees Board think that someone who is not from Orion will care about the people of Orion as much as our fire personnel who have worked and lived in Orion Township?

What kind of incentive is the Township Trustees Board giving our firemen or women to stay with the fire department, or work their way up in the fire department, if you are going to hire someone outside of Orion Township?

The $16,000 that the Orion Township Trustees Board are planning on spending searching for Orion’s new fire chief could be used to hire more fire personnel or give a raise to those who are already on the Orion Township Fire Department.

Or, I am sure that there is some new equipment that the Orion Fire Department could use.

Mary R. Ward

Orion Township resident


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