Who’s Watching?

Parenting is not always easy and that is true for caregiving as well. We are always watching for safety and protection. There are times we have to explain why something cannot be done so many times that our patience wears thin from the repetition.

Always remember, though, between you and that thinness is your breath. Each breath gives you the peace to restate your reason “why” over and over. If you are a parent struggling with finding peace you may even tell your children to do what is right because, God is watching!

Is He? In my life I have often wondered, does God really have time to watch all the people in the world? Seems to me He would be too busy doing Godly things.

As kids, my mother would tell us to watch ourselves and what we do because when we get to heaven, St. Peter would meet us at the Golden Gates. She explained that he would hold us accountable for all we have done in our life to see if we could get into heaven.

In my belief, and probably yours too, we know God is everywhere and He created everything. Being taught God was everywhere made my mother’s statement more valid to me. Maybe St. Peter and God work together and when God sees something amiss, he tells St. Peter to write it down for the review time into heaven.

Today that thought reminds me of my favorite line in the Disney movie Smart House: “Hasta Lasagna, I’ve got my eye on ya.”

When I think of that movie line I think of God watching all of us. I am also reminded that I am a part of God’s energy and so are you!

For clarity – God is an all-encompassing energy that created all there is and that energy manifested our reality into existence. I personally do not believe I am God or that you are God, but like a drop of water is a part of the ocean, so we are a part of God. That said; it is easier to understand that while the ocean doesn’t miss the one drop of water you take from it, it knows the droplet is a part of itself.

We are a part of Gods Ocean and we know this because God, who is in everything, is in each of us, in the earth, in its water, in the sun and the stars; God is in the entire Universe! Can you agree with me then that there is no place that God is not? If so, then can you agree that God becomes alive and expresses itself through how you live your life? Ponder that thought or meditate on that for a moment. Perhaps it will help you to look at your life differently. God is energy and He is expressing His energy through us all the time.

Believe it, God is watching!

Further validation is in Psalms 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye upon you.” (NIV)

Having the understanding that God is good all the time and God is love, then we, as a part of God, are also that same thing. Choosing to not live what we really are creates a state of dis-harmony.

If you mix oil with water the separation of the two starts happening instantly. That is how it is with being good and loving or by being its opposites. The opposites do not mix well with the good and soon you find your life is chaotic. You are always trying to figure out how to get over one hurdle after another. You also spend time trying to figure out how your life turned out like it did, not knowing how to change it. And, yet, change is possible by those who hold themselves accountable. They will find others to show them the way out.

Yes, God is watching us and He is also watching when we realign ourselves with the Godly expressions of being loving and good: Living righteously, having virtue, being caring, showing kindness, dignity, and thoughtfulness. Living a life of principle, integrity and giving are all good qualities and loving expressions.

Spend some time pondering and meditating on these thoughts. Express them often, and, this time you watch to see how you and others around you are also expressing their Godly expressions.

Got my eye on ya!

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion

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