By Don Rush

I don’t like some surprises (like, when I open a bill and it is double what I expected.). I like some surprises (like when I check my lottery numbers and see that I’ve won BIG money — actually I am still waiting for this to happen).
That said, I was oh so pleasantly surprised one afternoon a few weeks ago when I exited our Clarkston News office, at 5 S. Main Street, in downtown, C-Town. Unbeknownst to your truly, a little town eyesore — the little garden area the butts up to our parking lot was being dug-up
And, faster than I could say, Supercalafragli, Supercagamasiti, grrrrr, that word Mary Poppins sings, that pain-in-the-rear corner turned from a dried up, weed-choked embarrassment, into something I now say, “wow” whenever I see.

Melissa and Thom Tillier

The area now is known not as that brownfield by The Clarkston News office, it’s called The Clarkston Corner, professionally designed and executed by the Thom Tillier Team — Clarkston residents Thom and Melissa Tillier and their children.

Reid Tillier

So why would this area family take this on? Funny you should ask, because that’s what I asked Thom a

Left, Adyson and Jessica Tillier

week or so ago. “We were walking on the path in Depot Park, and saw the planter boxes with community businesses sponsorship names on them and we thought it would be nice for our business to sponsor one. But, they were all sponsored up.”
Sadness ensued over lost opportunities. But not for long did they wallow in their gloom. In a moment of American can-do-itiveness, the Tilliers had an idea.

“Melissa and I talked about it. Threw out some ideas and it grew out of that,” Thom said. And, The Clarkston Corner was born. The Thom Tillier eXp Realty Team now two planters they have sponsored
The Clarkston Corner has two above ground wooden “L” shaped planter boxes Melissa designed, gray brick pavers, new rick, dark mulch and wonderfully colorful plants. The family plans on season arrangements, too — AND — wait, there’s more, have a Phase 2 planned for next year.
To fund Phase 2, they are selling Engraved Pavers for the nearly completed Phase 1 (which they totally paid for themselves). The pavers come in two sizes, 4 inch by eight, and eight by eight. These pavers can be great memorials for local families or businesses. Prices range from $125 to $265. You can go to (click here) to place your order.
I am gonna get one that says,

Don’t Rush Me
The Don Rush Family
Sons Shamus & Sean
CHS of ‘81
Clarkston News Guy.

Hurry up and order your, because Thom is placing orders in bulk. Bulk Order #1 is the end of this week.