We need fewer guns, not fewer restrictions

Why would they pass a law in Washington, D.C., to put guns in the hands of unstable people?
And, our lawmakers are trying to push for guns in schools, churches, sporting events and concerts and (carrying) guns without a permit.
First off, depression, guns and alcohol don’t mix. Churches are places of peace and love for everyone, not of fear and hate.
Guns without permits – we have that already. Look at all the guns gangs can get.
I give Governor Jerry Brown (D – Calif.) a lot of credit for standing up to the NRA and passing common sense gun laws.
Vote No for more guns on Michigan streets.
J.P. King
Lake Orion resident

2 responses to “We need fewer guns, not fewer restrictions”

  1. J.P. King, stop please, just stop! Gov Moonbeam is a hero? I sir (or madam, whatever the heck JP stands for) am a proud NRA member that thinks that EVERYONE has the right to self defense! I don’t know where you get your 2nd Amendment disinformation, but please educate yourself and stop with the weekly diatribes!

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