Vote no on Orion Twp. parks & rec. millage

The Parks & Recreation millage (one mill) on the Aug. 7 ballot is all about raising $1.7 million for each of the next five years from local property owners.

But the township is already paying for the parks and recreation needs from the $7 million general budget.

If the township needs additional amounts to support parks and rec., they should take it from their fund balance (rainy day fund), which now totals $9.3 million. This fund balance is 132 percent of the general fund needs.

The past year’s community survey result was that 38 percent would like more recreation added.

What was not said was that only 1,501 of the 35,000 township residents completed the survey. At 38 percent, only 571 requested more recreation. So only 571 residents of the 35,000 are driving this millage request for a new $1.7 million in property taxes.

My personal feeling is that the township is trying to raise money under the parks and rec. guise to set aside enough funds to build a new township hall.

My hope is that the parks and rec. millage gets voted down in the August primary, and gets put back on the November ballot and called the New Township Hall Millage.

Then, if it passes in November, it won’t be renewed in five years because we will already have a new township hall.

Don Hickmott

Orion Twp.


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