Veto gun bills

Don’t they have open carry in Las Vegas and Texas?

Well, you saw the result of that – mass killings, because nut jobs were able to get unlimited guns and ammo without any problems.

No one should be allowed to get guns or ammo without passing a mental health test, at their own expense. That should be mandatory.

And voters should decide on assault weapons and open carry, not the Republican leadership and the NRA.

I don’t owe them anything, nor do I fear them like the Republicans do.

J.P. King

Lake Orion resident


4 responses to “Veto gun bills”

  1. J.P. King, stop, just stop please! Your liberal bias and personal attacks are getting old. Save that kind of stuff for your Facebook account!

  2. I wish this J.P. King would have to pass a mental health test before they get to spew their 1st Amendment right. We The People should respect all of the Amendments made to the Constitution! Fellow LO Resident.

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