Today I’m A Rambling Man!

Well, the rain in Michigan has temporarily stopped as we await the next opening of the clouds. As I sit here in our Lake Orion home, I have some rambling thoughts to share with you.

Feeling sorry for all the graduates who have scheduled an outdoor party. Even with tents the constant rain has put a damper on the events. Bummer!

We went to Greenfield Village for the Annual Motor Muster this past weekend and of course the rain derailed most of the fun. As such, thousands of people who wanted to attend the event, ended up in The Museum to avoid the rain and it was “wall to wall” humanity. Crazy!

I suspect the golf courses are hurting for business what with all the rain. But then again there are golfers who are part duck and are out on the greens. Not me!

Well, the Detroit Tigers are in a rebuilding year but this is getting ridiculous! When someone steals home plate on you it’s very sad. Neither the pitcher nor the catcher were awake when the Cleveland player strolled across home plate for the score. Wow! Most of the rankings have been decided already and the only race is now in the National League with the Cubs and Cardinals. Most first place teams lead their division by about ten games and thus we know who will compete for the World Series this early in the year!

Basketball and hockey are over for another year. The St. Louis Blues won the Cup for the first time ever and the town is still going crazy. It was a great series and I understand that ratings were off the chart. Seems everyone was following the Series and most were rooting for the Blues.

Went to a wedding this month for a nephew and during the cocktail hour we were greeted by Paws – the Detroit Tigers mascot. He doesn’t speak so I couldn’t ask him / her about the Tigers and their descent into the bowels of the standings.

You want to talk about roads in Michigan? Well, most are under repair and traveling is a mess! My GPS is confused and I think it just tells me to stay home!

And don’t even mention pot holes and orange barrels to me! Driving in the country means looking out for deer, skunks, possums and pot holes! It’s like an obstacle course these days!

There are some upsides to all this confusion with rain and cool weather. We have yet to water our lawn and have not turned on our air conditioner! Now that’s progress!

So let’s close with the Allman Brothers Band who will sun up my rambling:

Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man

Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can

And when it’s time for leavin’

I hope you’ll understand

That I was born a ramblin’ man

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion


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