This resident says No Stinking Fund

When is enough enough? Last year I paid $1,789 just for schools, and that $1,789 did not even include what is called ‘operate’, whatever that means. The $1,789 was 78% of my total Summer Tax bill. Businesses and non-residents pay a whopping 18 mils for ‘operate’ which, if I had to pay would have added another $1,438 to my cost. I feel sorry for the business owners.
Now what do you think was the largest single item in the $1,789 I paid? It was $559 for what is called ‘School Debt’. This means that on top of the $79 million per year the School Board spends, they have also borrowed and spent another $125 million.
School spending is out of control. Vote “NO” on the the Sinking Fund. More later.
Jerry Moon
Lake Orion resident

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