Support for Sinking Fund

I am writing to give my support of the Lake Orion Community Schools 10-Year sinking fund. While I understand the arguments of some who feel that we are continually taxed with little to show for it, this proposal is absolutely necessary to preserve the buildings and sites that are the foundation of a top-notch school district. When my wife and I returned to Michigan after living out of state for seven years, we based our relocation solely on LO schools. We have one son at Scripps and one at Orion Oaks and could not be happier with the education that they have provided our boys.
The schools are our boys’ second home, and like any home, they need to be maintained. This is obviously a considerable cost given the size of the Lake Orion School District; however, when looking at all that the schools will gain through a minimal cost to each household, my wife and I know that voting yes is not only the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do.
Scott Finn
Lake Orion resident

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