Spiritual, not religious, thoughts…By Linda La Croix

A couple years ago I read an Associated Press article which stated many people consider themselves spiritual, not religious. Spiritual, because they believe there is a “Higher Power,” that created our universe. And, spiritual because they do not believe you can limit the connection with that power.

In other words, connecting to our Higher Power does not require anything. There is no need for a specific belief system or rules to enjoy the benefits of knowing, learning or worshiping that Higher Power.

For me, even the attempt to find an understanding of the One Power that created the universe is mind blowing. Well, erase and replace mind blowing, let me better describe it as mind expanding!

We are coming upon a great season of change; spring takes the winter leftovers of small patches of snow, and old melting dirty ice, and changes them into a beautiful display of color. You know there IS something greater than ourselves at work when you can watch a flower grow from a bulb or seed into a beautiful soft petal.

Test it for yourself. Take the time to stop and notice the fresh blooms and really look at how delicate they are. When you look attentively at them it is so obvious there is a greater energy at work. Sometimes people look at how plants grow and wonder how is it that the plant just knows what to do. No one tells them or directs them. It is an innate or internal wisdom that allows them to just connect with what their purpose is.

Throughout time, people have innately known there IS something out there greater than themselves. Many accept this power as God, Spirit, Universe or Mother-Father-God. I accept this energy as being created by a Great Organized Designer.

Many know this energy and can feel it. They accept it as greater than themselves, but they do not feel that this great expansive energy (God) can be put into a classification or limited to a particular denomination or creed that falls under “religious doctrine.”

That idea is not new. Unity Churches were founded in the late 1800’s by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and they held this same thought. Unity is a spiritual path all of its own. We are not part of the Unitarian churches, we are simply Unity and under the umbrella of New Thought churches. New Thought churches understand that as man evolves we will always find new thoughts, new understandings and new discoveries.

There is no limit to God and no limit to our experiencing God. We will always have our base teachings from the bible, but new teachings will always be found.

As we evolve to new thoughts, understandings and discoveries each will build on the other. Each person as they open themselves up to the acceptance of their “higher power” begins to search for a group that resonates with them.

There are more than 10,000 denominations (ways to reach God) in this world and only one God. Unity has over 1,000 churches around the world celebrating every day; it’s all good and it’s all God.

Unity is more like a non-denominational path; beyond the concepts or constraints of traditional beliefs. And, a trans-denominational path; which are those who have multiple beliefs from different studies, changing beliefs or life experiences.

Going deeper in thought, Unity has no-denomination. It is a place to learn about God through the filter of your readiness, with no requirements. We believe in the goodness of God, and know, God is never missing — God shows up in you!

I continue to bless the day when my heart opened my mind to the awareness of attending and learning in Unity. To have it confirmed to me that every life has value and every one of us is living a life that holds meaning was beyond wonderful.

Unity can be an answer for interfaith marriages, or where the parents’ beliefs are not accepted by the children.

This is your journey, your path, your soul’s development period. In Unity, we invite everyone to come into our services, take what you need and leave the rest.

Unity is about “U” developing your conscious connection to God. If you feel the desire to learn at a Unity church/center and also belong to another denomination, we support your individual growth and honor that.

Remember, it’s your journey, you are of spirit, and you are a child of God. We give life meaning just by our individual presence in this universe. Know there is always more to experience and it is good.

Many blessings

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion.

See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website at aspiritualwalk.com.