She’s in on sinking fund

I am writing to provide my support for the Lake Orion school district’s sinking fund proposal.
I have lived in this community since 1982. Both my husband and I graduated from Lake Orion. My son is a 2016 graduate and my daughter will be in eighth grade at Waldon. This community and primarily, our schools have provided our children with great educational experiences. This would not have been possible if it were not for our parents who supported past bond elections for school construction and upgrades, despite the fact that my siblings and I had already graduated.
My parents also recognized the direct impact quality schools, in good shape, have on maintaining a viable, safe community that attracts quality people and helps grow home values. That too, is a primary reason for supporting the sinking fund.
But we cannot take our schools for granted. People have many choices these days as to where to reside and send their kids to school. If we do not take care of our buildings, then this community runs the risk of losing good families and amazing kids who may choose to live elsewhere. I am voting YES for the sinking fund and urge others to do so.
Debbie Woityra
Lake Orion resident

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