Sheriff’s Office warns of recent phone scam

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office wants to make the public aware of fraudulent phone calls being made to Oakland County residents using the names of Sheriff’s Office personnel.

The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of residents receiving phone calls from ‘Captain Dale Miller’ of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

During the phone call, the caller indicates they have a warrant for the resident’s arrest and advises them they must pay bond over the phone in lieu of incarceration.

These calls are fraudulent and are not originating from the Sheriff’s Office.

“No law enforcement agency will ever make intimidating phone calls and demand money from citizens,” said Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard. “We ask everyone to be vigilant and to trust your instincts if you receive these type of calls. These phone calls unfortunately target innocent individuals and these scam artists use legitimate names to try and cheat people out of money.”

Around the holidays, the volume of these scams increases.

These scammers will often pose as law enforcement personnel, IRS agents, courthouse employees, among others to solicit money out of innocent victims using threats and intimidation.

The public should be reminded to use due diligence and common sense if you receive one of these phone calls.


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