Senior Citizens voting yes

As senior citizens with no children in the schools, we have been homeowners in Lake Orion for over 40 years. We encourage you to vote YES for the necessary and immediate repairs and improvements needed for our schools. We recognize that the children of this community and the grandchildren of this community deserve to have not only the best education, but also the finest and best facilitates in which to learn.
We encourage all of our neighbors in Lake Orion to preserve the investment we have already placed in our children’s and grandchildren’s future by also providing repairs that are necessary to the recent infrastructure. By voting YES, we will ensure that Lake Orion citizens investment dollars will go to: heating and cooling, roofs, restroom repairs, sidewalk/parking lots, security and safety, carpet/flooring, energy management, lighting, and windows/doors. This is not about fancy upgrades, cosmetics or remodeling. We all own our schools and they are in need of repairs. Voting YES preserves our investment while ensuring that general funds will be used in the classroom for our kids.
Lance and Roz Mermell
Lake Orion residents

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  1. Lisa Haugh   July 21, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Thank you for your support of Lake Orion and its schools!


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