‘SAT Scores Explained’ workshop on May 20

CLARKSTON — The Huntington Learning Center of Clarkston invites students and parents to a free workshop, “SAT Scores Explained,” at 6 p.m. on May 20 at the Clarkston Independence District Library.
The hour-long presentation, led by Rob Osterman, an experienced teacher with more than 25 years of high school classroom experience, will provide insights into understanding and improving SAT results.
Topics discussed include:
· Understanding SAT scores: attendees will get clear explanations of the different scores provided by the SAT.
· Decoding subskills: students will learn about the specific skills assessed on the SAT report and see examples highlighting those skills.
· Best practices for improvement: students will discover strategies and resources to boost scores before the next test.
“With the SAT’s recent transition to a digital format, students and parents may have questions about the new scoring and how it reflects student abilities,” said Osterman. “This workshop aims to clarify those details and empower students to achieve their best.”
The Clarkston Independence District Library is located at 6495 Clarkston Rd. – J.N.

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