Response to ‘We need fewer guns, not fewer restrictions’

In answer to your first question Mr. King, “Why would they pass a law in Washington, D.C. to put guns in the hands of unstable people?” — They are not passing any such law!

Unstable people already have guns! They have already broken the law to get a gun!

Look at the crime rate in Michigan between 2008 and 2013: there were 3,015 homicides by gun!

The unstable people already have them. The current restrictions didn’t stop them from getting a gun. I am an NRA Firearm Instructor, I carry a firearm, I have never shot anyone in my 66 years on this earth, and I pray to God I never have to.

But to protect my family and me from the already illegal unstable people with guns, I deem it a necessity to carry a firearm.

Where are these unstable illegal people?


You don’t know where or when the need may arise to protect yourself or your family or your neighbor, or the children playing in the park.

Laws that pertain to depression, alcohol and guns only affect the law abiding citizen, not the unstable illegal. He or she could care less what the law says.

Another restrictive gun law, that’s what we need, the unstable illegal will obey that new law, they have done so well so far, obeying the hundreds of current gun restriction laws.

I am so glad I don’t live in the state of California, where Jerry Brown is so narrow minded he only can see to make another anti-gun law to be ignored by the unstable illegal.

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!”

W.N. Smith

Lake Orion resident


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