Resident would like to stay with Thurber

Great column and interview in The Lake Orion Review about Mark Thurber running for Treasurer again. His past results, plans for the future, and his impressive credentials, in my estimation, make him the best candidate for the position. When I stopped in for the Tiger’s Opening Day event in the Township Office I stopped by his office to visit with the staff. They have always been attentive and professional which I think reflects on the sound culture Mark has established in the office.
It is unfortunate that pettiness and backbiting have reared an ugly head in the upcoming campaign but no one ever said that politics was a team sport. Calling out someone for taking time to care for an ailing mother is outside the standards of decency and should have been summarily rejected by everyone. And then engaging the Oakland County prosecutor was not only over the line but had to elicit chortles and guffaws from that office. I thought the role of Trustees was to represent the best interests of the community and not play vindictive games but maybe I need to review their job description and just maybe there is something in there about juvenile tactics.
In any event, Thurber’s 54% winning margin when he ran for office is illustrative of the confidence the electorate had in him and that confidence is still there today despite the shenanigans and buffoonery on the part of some Trustees. He has my support.
Bill Kalmar
Lake Orion resident

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