Resident supports Sinking Fund

I am writing to you in SUPPORT of the Sinking Fund for Lake Orion Schools that will be on the ballot on August 2 nd . I write to you as a long time, proud member of this community and as a home owner who understands how important great schools are to our home values. The number one reason new people move into our community is our schools. I write to you as a parent of three students who received an excellent education from dedicated teachers and graduated from our schools well prepared for college.
I write to you as a former administrator in our schools, experiencing firsthand the continuous commitment of this district to put children first. I write to you as a grandparent who wants her grandchildren to remain in Lake Orion and receive a phenomenal education. But the parents of this generation of children will not choose our community or our schools if the facilities are in disrepair. I write to you as a taxpayer who believes in restricting taxes to those that are necessary, reasonable and responsible. The sinking fund meets this criterion as it will be used SOLELY for needed repairs and renovations. I ask you to join me in voting to preserve our assets and support continued quality education for our children.
Diane Dunaskiss
Lake Orion resident

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