Resident hopes M-24 is not complete in present state

I’m a long time Lake Orion resident that has driven the Lapeer Road ‘corridor’ to and from work for over thirty years.
The whole point of this letter is to ask some questions about the recent $34 million dollar reconstruction project completed (?) in 2016.
While the pavement is smoother and some of the turn lanes that were added have helped the traffic flow, I’ve got to question the treatment given to the median (between the northbound and southbound lanes).
I would think that $34 million dollars would buy more than piles of broken concrete and stagnant muddy holes from Clarkston Road to the Palace. To me, it looks worse now than it did before the project started!
Is this really the finished product? Row after row of rock and concrete walls with nasty puddles of brown water everywhere? That’s it?
On top of looking terrible I’d have to think they’ve created a safety hazard. I’d sure hate to hit one of these rock walls if you ever slid off the road at 55 miles per hour.
There are so many of them that you couldn’t help but hit one. I’m not a traffic engineer but I wonder what the purpose of piling rocks in front of every drain is?
Did they intend to create these mud holes? Don’t they WANT the water to run off? And the hydro-seeding did not work at all.
Am I the only one that thinks the overall effect is awful to look at?
And it’s just a matter of time until someone’s is hurt or killed slamming into one of these rock barriers?
It seems that Dan’s Construction and MDOT created an unsightly and dangerous mess at the expense of us taxpayers.
For $34 million, Orion residents certainly are entitled to expect better than the mess we were left with.
Charlie Baker
Lake Orion resident

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  1. Neighbors, thank you for bringing up these excellent points. The troublesome double east-bound lane at the intersection of Silverbell and M-24 was not addressed in this makeover. Only one lane should be designated to be east-bound. It is not necessary to have the additional lane be both a right turn and east-bound also. I agree with M Peash, someone will be seriously injured some day by speeders who whiz past on the right and force other drivers to let them merge as that lane abruptly stops near the UAW offices. Another question: why weren’t small ornamental trees and native wildflowers planted in the medians? Species such as dwarf crabapples, Juneberries, prairie wildflowers would ease the view of heavy traffic and the endless Blah strip malls along M-24. Seeding is often purchased with a project like this. Small native trees will not require excessive care or trimming (if ever). Orion Township looks desolate and shabby from Brown Road, north. If I were not from the area, I would likely avoid Orion due to a poor first impression.

  2. I just wanted to add two other points that I have noticed. One; the right hand lanes added at Clarkston Rd. and Silverbell on 24, someone is going to get hurt or killed by the people that pass on the right at a very high rate of speed just to get five cars ahead of traffic. Two; nighttime vision it is very hard to see the painted lane lines, do they plan to repaint with reflective paint for better sight lines at night?

  3. Great article concerning the medians and the poor quality they received. I agree with Mr Baker 100%. My complaint addresses the crossovers at Silverbell and Brown roads. They are not flat and are dangerous. They are humped up high in the middle of the north and southbound lanes but much lower in the median and either side of the lanes. When traveling east or west crossing m-24 at less than the 50 mph speed limit you can almost get air. They are like big speed bumps. Easy to lose control if not hanging on. This issue should be addressed as well. Can’t believe MDOT is ok with this. This was a 30 million dollar rush job without much consideration for quality.

  4. Excellent take on this Mr. Baker. With mosquitoes spreading disease you would think people would be upset that they are providing a breeding ground for them.
    Thank you for bringing attention to this.
    Teri Ramirez

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