Resident against running storm drain into Lake Orion; wants to know alternatives

I am writing regarding the drainage problem of Lakeview Street and the Village Council Meeting only offering the “preferred recommendation is to run a new storm line from Lakeview into the lake with an easement from the property owner at 288 Lakeview.”

I do not know how this can be the preferred choice when this would allow road pollutants to directly contaminate the water near my home and where my family and pets swim.

Gas, oil, vehicle debris, salt and other pollutants would dump either at the break-wall or further into a swimming area directly at boats, slides and water toys. This drain is certainly not promoting “where living is a vacation.”

I further read in the notes from the meeting that there were “other alternatives to review.”

I have not seen nor heard of any other alternatives to review.

In fact, all I read seems to suggest the approval of this plan and all cost associated with the construction of the pipe and asphalt of the road.

All recommendations seem to be awarding contracts and approving costs for a single project that damages the health and property values of our lake.

I am adamantly against the proposed storm drain and easement dumping any amount of pollutants into the lake.

I want to know what the “other alternatives to review” are, the cost of these other alternatives and why repairs and regular maintenance of the existing system has not simply being considered.

Timothy Black

Lakeview Street resident


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