REMINDER: Deadline Monday for letters regarding election

Any and all Letters to the Editor regarding the August 2 primary election need to be submitted before noon on Monday, July 18 to be considered for publication.
No letters related to the August 2 ballot will be published in the July 27 edition. Please send your letters to

3 responses to “REMINDER: Deadline Monday for letters regarding election”

  1. We NEED to secure safe buildings for the future of our children. People need to realize that this is NOT a bond. These funds can ONLY be used on building and site improvements period. They will not get diverted to anything else. Weather they are in need now or in 10 years really…… in the scheme of things proper planning NOW ensures the safety to our current and future children. VOTE YES!

  2. I am writing in support of the Sinking Fund. My family has lived in Lake Orion since 1947 and we have seen the community grow over the years. The buildings that I went to elementary and junior high school at are still in use today. I believe we spend the money now rather than spending more money later in order to preserve these assets.

  3. Lake Orion is a wonderful place to raise a family, due in part to our outstanding school system performance, often in spite of dwindling resources. I am voting yes on August 2 to support the Sinking Fund which will allow for necessary repairs and upgrades to many of our school buildings. Investing in our schools benefits the entire community.

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