Re: The proposed roundabout at the Miller/Orion/Flint streets intersection in Lake Orion

This letter is regarding the roundabout that is going to be constructed on E. Flint Street and Orion Road.

This construction is designed to allow a steady flow of traffic through that intersection. The problem is, this situation will not solve the problem of the traffic. That will remain the same, but the flow of traffic will stop at the center of the business district, which has the only stop light in the village. At the peak time of heavy traffic there will be a long line of cars backed up. People will have a difficult time trying to park their cars so that they can shop in the village.

Hopefully, this information will make some people and business owners aware of the potential problem this could cause.

Thank you,

Gary Soulliere

Lake Orion


Not everyone is angry or upset about this project – I, for one, am thrilled.

Roundabouts can be a great addition to a community. They look beautiful, they’re efficient, and the rest of the world seems to be able to use them just fine.

People are afraid of what they don’t understand, and old dogs don’t like to learn new tricks.

It’s high time for this old town to become a little more modern. — Sarah W.

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3 responses to “Re: The proposed roundabout at the Miller/Orion/Flint streets intersection in Lake Orion”

  1. I wonder how much longer, during the actual construction, it will take the Fire Department to reach something on the East side of Orion Rd?

    And cars usually only arrive at at the intersection in a bunch when someone has turned left ahead of them, The only way to fix this would be to put center left turn lanes down the middle of both Flint and Orion.


    “In a busy town or city environment, roundabouts do not work well because excessive traffic from one direction with right of way can completely stop all other traffic causing congestion in other directions.”

    The link is very favorable to roundabouts in general, just not in this case.

    And try Googling Road Rage Roundabout, I haven’t read through them, but there sure are bunch of hits.

  2. This is NOT the spot for a roundabout. No “fixing” is needed here. They NEED to fix the intersection of Orion/Conklin/Stony Creek. That is a dangerous intersection with way more accidents and problems than Orion/Miller/Flint. Mr. Soulliere’s comments are spot on. And for the record, I have lived in Lake Orion since 1969, and grew up right at that intersection and family still does.

  3. Sarah W, how long have you been a res. Lake Orion??? How close do you live near this “Beautiful” Roundabout?? how much do you travel this route 6am/9am or 2pm/7pm ?? I was born and still live within 1 1/2 blks of this to be “Beautiful” addition to our backward community and it’s(three way stop) has been working fine for me +70 yrs of driving this route It is NOT the THREE WAY STOP, or the type of intersection involved, it is the DRIVERS that DO NOT KNOW HOW to drive a three way stop, talk on their phone, text, read the stock page, and think about “who goes next, l-r or just sit and wait, or the one that drives “after me, you come first. This OCRC’S W.D. was on the TO BE COMPLETED BY END OCT 2018 LOG even be for the public heard about it. All it does is provide a FAST LANE for the transit traffic S.B. to Rochester and or Adams road in the AM and the same area N.B. in the PM, not one out of a hundred cars S.B.or N.B. will stop in the VILLAGE, only if they catch the STOP LIGHT in town or at M24 this all = a BIG P.I.T.A. to ALL that drive this route, live in the village, it will be just GREAT this winter after the GRIDLOCK the detours have created have been removed and the cold winds blow. Sarah,? how long did you say you have lived here???

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