Michigan’s manufacturing-intensive economy depends on affordable energy. But energy would become increasingly more expensive without the infrastructure and pipelines that deliver oil, petroleum products and natural gas to businesses and power plants across the state.

Whoa, Mr. Smith! What does getting illegal guns out of the hands of unstable people have to do with immigration in California?

(“We need fewer guns, not fewer restriction,” by J.P. King, Lake Orion Review, May 24, p. 6.) (“Response to ‘We need fewer guns, not fewer restrictions,” by W.N. Smith, Lake Orion Review, May 31, p. 6.)

You sure are paranoid. Most people who carry (guns) are. Yes, we all have the right to protect ourselves. I don’t need a gun to do it. God is the best protection. He has kept me safe for over 60 years.

Have you forgotten, Mr. Smith, that most of the mass shootings were committed by “legal” citizens getting easy access to so much firepower!

And what did our Rep. Leaders and the NRA (National Rifle Association) do to get those kinds of weapons off the street? Nothing! They blocked it – how stupid was that? To them it’s all about profits, not commonsense solutions like Gov. Brown put in place. God Bless him for having a backbone.

Have a nice day.

J.P. King

Lake Orion resident


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