Local police departments deserve recognition

Dear Editor,

I have read of the well-deserved recognition given to the Oxford Fire Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department for their quick response and handling of the shooting at the Oxford High School in December. It was a tragedy that I never thought would befall Oxford.

But I have yet to see any recognition given the Oxford Pollice Department and the Lake Orion Police Department for their quick response to the incident.

Chief Mike Solwold and Officer Rob Chypick of Oxford PD were the first responding officers to the scene. They cleared the hallways and assisted in getting the students and staff out of the school safely and without further incident.

Reserve Officer James Summers and Officer James Irish, both off duty at the time, responded from home to assist and give aid.

Chief Harold Rossman and Lt. Todd Stanfield of Lake Orion PD were right there with Oxford PD, giving aid and assistance and protecting the students and staff as they cleared the building. Chief Rossman cared for one the girls shot and giving her comfort, holding her until medics could arrive on the scene.

These officers also assisted in blocking the view of the carnage from the other students while they exited the area.

Afterwards, it was Chief Solwold and the Oxford PD officers and staff who prepared the community for the candlelight vigil on Friday night, making it safe for all those who attended.

And Chaplin Dave Gerber’s inspiring speech and prayer at the service should not be overlooked. His guidance averted a mass stampede when it was thought an attack was going on at the service. That was no easy task, as that was the largest crowd ever assembled in Oxfords history!

I know in the chaos of such a horrific event, the deeds of individuals can get overlooked. I just wanted to make sure that the community knows of the response of these officers.

I am proud to have served with them and be their brother!

“Lest we Forget”

Jim Malcolm
Oxford PD Retired

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