Learning Options 2017 High School Graduation

Learning Options 2017 High School Graduation

By Susan Carroll

Review Writer

The Learning Options High School graduating class of 2017 was honored at commencement on Monday.

The graduates were welcomed at the opening ceremony by Learning Options Supervisor Kristin Sliwinski, as she tearfully addressed the students.

“We want you to know You Matter… You Are Enough…You Are Significant to This World.”

As each student walked across the stage to receive their diploma, they were presented with a personalized gift “as individual as you are,” handshakes, some hugs and a Gerber daisy.

There were a total of 93 students enrolled in the school this year.

Graduating on Monday were 52 of them, while 29 graduated earlier in the year.

“The grade point average is higher than it has ever been. We have a wonderful staff and a commitment to our students, they really care and love each and every one of you,” said Marion Ginopolis in her superintendent’s address.

A few of the accomplishments from the graduates are 10 varsity letters, one student with special recognition on the ski team and another for powerlifting.

Northern Michigan University will be the home of one graduate, who will be a member on the Nordic ski team.

Another graduate has enlisted in the Air Force and three in the Marines.

“We all had our struggles and we all got here (at graduation) and we made it at our own pace. Our struggles don’t define us,” said Rachale Williams as she delivered a Student Message.

The mission of Learning Options High School is to provide all students a chance for individual success by creating an optimal learning environment, delivering differentiated instruction and building strong relationships.

The ceremony was videotaped by Orion Neighborhood Television and will be aired beginning June 16. Check viewing times at www.oriontv.org. The video can also be purchased at their website or by calling 248-393-1060.


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