Jen gets their vote for clerk

Jen Zielinski is asking for your vote to become the next Orion Township clerk in the upcoming August 2nd primary and it is with honor and respect that we submit our letter of support. We have known Jen for over 20 years and throughout this time, we have found her to be an earnest, diligent and energetic entrepreneurial spirt, driven to accomplish the task at hand. Resourceful and dedicated, her willingness to commit her all is exemplary and reflects greatly on her character.
Throughout our association, we have watched Jen grow from a young Lake Orion student to a respected member of our community. A successful business professional, mother and wife, she seeks to further her civic engagement as the next Orion Township clerk. Her ability to adapt and refine her relationships and her lifelong commitment to the area will have a significant influence on the people around her and would serve her well as a voting member of the board. Enthusiastic and dedicated to her beliefs, Jen would make an excellent clerk. We expect great things from her in the future.
Jim and Tina Bambard
Orion Township residents

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