He’s voting for Zielinski

I grew up in Lake Orion and attended Lake Orion High School, Class of 1993. I’ve known Jenn Zielinski for approx 25 years. She is a stand up citizen with exceptional morals and values. She is very intelligent and would bring a new energy to the clerk’s office.
I have no doubt that her professional resume speaks for itself, proving that she has what it takes to enter this office. Although she doesn’t have a large political resume, everybody has to start somewhere. I believe now is the time Orion residents need a fresh start with revitalized enthusiasm and a fresh mind. That’s something a worn out politician can’t bring. Jenn can provide a new energy because she hasn’t been swayed by long time politics. This is a great position to be in because she sees the issues from the outside looking in, much like the rest of the citizens of Orion.
Voting for Jenn is like voting for all of Orion’s people, because she is one of you. She is the common person that is tired of the same old thing, ready to make a change.
I think the residents of Orion deserve to know what they’re getting when they vote for Jenn Zielinski. What they’re getting is change for the better. What they’re getting is one of our own looking out for Orion.
Brian Pavliscak
Lake Orion resident