Enough is enough

In the upcoming August 2nd Primary Election I will be voting for candidate John Reilly to be our next 46th District representative in the Michigan House.
John Reilly has stood steadfast against Common Core and its UN-Constitutional federalization of our children’s education. Common Core removes parental, local school district and state oversight over the children’s school curriculum. These decisions and controls are placed in the hands of a private non-governmental Board of Governors who are not accountable or answerable to anyone.
I greatly respect John Reilly because he opposes the federal government’s numerous usurping expansions, encroachments and trampling on the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment protections of States’ Rights.
John also highly opposes the additional Regional Transit Property Tax proposed millage because Northern Oakland County residents and businesses will not garner any form of benefits from this additional millage with the exception of the Oakland-Metro Airport Express.
What John Reilly deeply supports is the lowering of Michigan’s income taxes, reigning in the size and growth of state government and halting tax increases on Michigan families and businesses.
On August 2nd I will be casting my vote for John Reilly as our next representative for the Michigan House … and, I hope you will too.
Mary MacMaster
Orion Township resident